Six Ways to Use Wallpaper for Interior Decoration

Wallpaper is one of those interior decorator tools that can add a phenomenal visual punch. It is readily available in various patterns, colors, and textures. It can be subtle and soft or bold and big, depending on what a person opts for.

Wallpaper has acquired widespread popularity also because it can be utilised in different ways. Mentioned below are a few simple yet effective ideas. Please check them out right now.

1. Create Feature Walls

The experts providing high-quality wallpaper designs said feature walls could either develop a focal point or improve existing ones. Make sure not to compete with any other focal point. When there are many focal points inside a room, the human eye gets confused. Install wallpaper behind a fireplace or television or any other area that the eye is drawn to.

2. Apply Two Papers on the Same Wall

A fascinating look involves covering the bottom portion of the wall with one piece of paper and the top portion with another. Although quite challenging to pull off, it would look excellent when done right.

If one wants something strong, one must consider complementary patterns like damask and chevron or toile and stripes. If one wants something subtle, one must purchase the tone-on-tone patterns.

3. Decoupage Furniture

If one wishes to enhance old furniture or add flair to something plain, go for wallpaper. This trick works well on pieces that have simpler silhouettes or cleaner lines, such as console tables and dressers. Now, the paper does not have to be patterned. At times, textured wallpaper, like seagrass, can generate the correct amount of interest. Be prepared to take risks.

4. Hang Wallpaper like a Special Artwork

According to the professionals offering top-notch wallpaper designs, if one wishes to use special papers but cannot afford to carry out a huge project, they can frame the sample piece and hang it on the wall.

This is the easiest way to incorporate patterns without bearing the expense or effort of conventional applications. Another method is to hang long pieces and install rods at both ends so they look like a scroll. They look quite pretty.

5. Adorn Insides of a Bookcase

Open bookcases are perhaps the best place to add decorative wallpaper. Do not leave the back of an open shelf bare. Instead, cover them with a beautiful pattern that seems compatible with the rest of the room.

Cut out tiny pieces of foam board that fit every nook and place the wallpaper on them directly. That way, one can easily take the wallpaper when it seems boring without harming the bookcase.

6. Cover Half of the Wall

Covering either the bottom or top part of the wall makes a space look great and does not overwhelm it. Separate the non-papered and papered halves with an architectural molding like a chair rail. This trick was extremely popular a few decades ago and still appears in houses with a traditional style. An optimal approach would be to paper the top part and install panels on the lower part.

Wallpaper is not for the fainthearted. It is a massive undertaking, both physically and financially, and not as easy to replace as paint colors. It can incorporate some significant personality into a space. Whether one wants a striking statement or something sweet and delicate, they would find a wide range of designs for their bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and entryway.

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