The Maintenance of Positive Spiritual energy in House

The perfume of extracts and essential oil is so uplifting that it not only makes the person who inhales it happy, but also makes others around them smile and removes any bad energy in the room. You may do the same thing by either spreading the drips or spraying. Since you now have this information, you can make an informed decision about which fruit to choose in response to questions about banishing the pessimism that plagues you.

Negative energy may be banished with the use of mirrors.

When utilised properly, mirrors may double the quantity of positive energy in a room by reflecting off of and absorbing the energy from the sun. A convex mirror, placed on the outside wall with its reflective surface facing outward, may help to disperse unwanted vibes. In order to avoid the creation of negative energy, mirrors should never be placed opposite one another. If you’re attempting to catch some shut-eye in the bedroom, you may want to double-check that there’s nobody gazing at you in the mirror.

Get rid of the bad vibes by smoothing down the rough spots.

One of the most important things you can do to meet the standards of Vastu Shastra is to make sure your house has no sharp edges or angles. Blunting the edges is not an easy operation, but it should be performed, as the issue of removing bad energy from the area arises. Flowers, round tables, and jewellery boxes are just some of the round items and lights that may assist channel positive energy your way. The space might also benefit from the addition of round-shaped lighting. Even the colognes and lotions should have the positive spiritual vibes.


Don’t invite bad vibes into your home by using the wrong colours.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that the colours used in home design may have healing effects and attract optimistic vibes. You should restrict your usage of red, black, and grey in home décor. The use of the colour yellow has been shown to dispel negative energy. Green’s mellow vibes make it a good choice for the main living area, where it may help ease tension and speed recovery.

The presence of the hue pink instantly elevates the mood. The most calming effects may be achieved by decorating with neutral tones like beige, cream, white, and light blue. Light, neutral colours should be used only. Ceilings painted in dark tones like blue, black, or grey are considered inauspicious and should be avoided.

Using Healing Crystals to Dispel Unhealthy Energy.

Healing gemstones have the potential to boost the flow of beneficial energy and remove the presence of harmful negative energy. The energy of your body, mind, and surroundings may all be restored with the help of crystals. To counteract any bad energy, set up crystals at the room’s entrances and at its four corners. There should also be crystals near any windows or entrances. Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for clearing your space and yourself of negativity. You may use selenite for cleaning in addition to amethyst, jade, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Loose stones placed in a container or crystals used as decorative elements may have great therapeutic advantages.

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